We wanted to share with you some videos from our suppliers….

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Planar 6 by Rega
The official movie for the Planar 6 turntable.

Mu-so by Naim
Introducing a unique short film to celebrate the arrival of mu-so, Naim’s first wireless music system. Available from us at Acoustica now!

Habitat1 from REL Acoustics
Habitat1 takes sub bass to new levels by incorporating the room, your Habitat, into its design. Perfect, deep bass that emanates almost invisibly from somewhere hidden within the room.

SIM2 Life of Technology (Factory Tour)
This video shows Italian manufacturer SIM2 Multimedia showcasing their recently remodeled factory in Pordenone near Venezia (Venice) Italy.

REGA Company Philosophoes
Roy Gandy, founder of REGA in the 1970′s explains how he started the company and realised he had something that looked very different from the rest of the market, along with better sound quality. These combine to give REGA that extra edge to deliver musical pleasure through engineering expertise.

MIT Cables History and Multipole Technology Explained
Tony Weber, from MIT Cables explains the history of the company and Multipole technology. Tony gives a brief introduction to how MIT Cables started in the 1970′s through to its leading position in today’s audio and video cabling marketing. MIT Cables are used in the finest recording and film studios throughout the world.
(This video also leads on to numerous other videos).

Dimension Soundbar from Focal
Focal’s ultra-slim sounds bar (65mm) can also be used as a support for the screen. The multi-channel digital sound, 6 channels for a true 5.1 system, and extended 50Hz base response (more with the optional “zero vibration” sub), brings 180 degree sound effect and HDMI video connectivity.

Dynaudio Xeo
This simple video from Dynaudio shows how to set up the Xeo wireless speaker which can be assigned to one of three rooms. The transmitter has input for 1 digital and 2 analogues sources, and a USB port for audio signals and a power supply from the PC if required. The speakers can be controlled easily from the remote control.

Chord Company Updates
The following video is an interview of Chord’s Technical Director, Nigel Finn, from February at the Sound & Vision Bristol Show 2014. Nigel explains how Chord improve their cables to make them better, not for fashion, such as the updated Signature Speaker cable. Nigel talks through the changes made, pointing out the new one is a lot more flexible than the old. Nigel also talks about the Chord Ethernet cables, their performance and gives a few tips to try out if you need to improve the sound of your existing cables. Nigel also mentions the Sarum cable. Also see the other Chord videos on the right menu once this video has loaded.

Arcam irDAC
What Hi-Fi’s DAC Product of the Year 2013, the Arcam irDac is described as “A sensational piece of kit”. This wireless speaker keeps everything hidden, focusing purely on the music. Its ability to stay true to the rhythm of the track is what sets it apart from all its rivals. You can feed music from multiple sources: stream, CD player, TVs and games consoles.

Naim Statement
Crafted for pure musical performance, Statement is the pinnacle of Naim engineering knowledge and artistry. The series comprises the NAC S1 preamplifier and NAP S1 mono power amplifiers.

Libratone Zipp
Extending the 360 range is the Zipp, a portable cylinder wireless speaker offering eight hours battery life, but can also be used on a mains adapter. The wool covers can be unzipped and changed to a colour of your choice. You can use the Libratone App to connect with the Zipp. Its shape also facilitates the 360◦ sound.

Libratone Zipp Video

Libratone Loop
The Loop wireless speaker, again from the 360 range, is a wireless medium room size speaker that can be used wireless, mounted to the wall or placed on the duo stand. The Libratone App can be used to stream music over your home wifi, or the play direct function can be used.

Libratone Loop Video