To choose a HiFi system, quite simply USE YOUR OWN EARS! Just because a product gets a good review in conjunction with particular other products, doesn’t mean you’ll like it in your own system. Some of the worst systems we have heard have been the result of putting together a set of individual “Best Buy” 5* products, on their own ok, but together a complete disaster! Don’t do it, listen first and get it right first time. In many cases, we are happy to lend out equipment for home trial if a listening test in our demonstration rooms proves inconclusive.

While we can try and offer as much advice as possible within the confines of the Internet, there is no real substitute for choosing by listening for yourself. Remember, what another person likes, may not be to your own personal preference. Choosing a HiFi system is like choosing a great wine, or an exotic sports car; many are good, but not everyone will agree as to which is the best.

Our shop in Hoole Road, Chester has two dedicated demonstration rooms, where we would be glad to guide you through comparing the different options available.

Feel free to just call in for any advice or any product demonstration. Or for more comprehensive demonstrations, please call us beforehand (on 01244 344227) if there is something specific you would like set up.